Some of the positions described below are are not filled at this time, but may be filled in the future as needed. One example of this is the Newsletter Editor.


The President shall act as the principal executive officer of The Society and supervise and control all the business and affairs. The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board. Additional responsibilities are to:

  • prepare the agenda;
  • call for votes;
  • co-sign with the Treasurer any deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts, checks in the amount of $750 or more or other instruments that the Executive Board has authorized to be executed;
  • listen to and respond to members' suggestions and requests;
  • actively assist in publicity work and in coordinating activities and scheduling;
  • and communicating information for the Webmaster to post online;
  • and work to coordinate meeting schedules and locations.

President Elect:

In the absence of the President or in the event of the President's inability or refusal to act, the President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President. President-Elect will work directly with the President to learn all aspects of the President's duties so as to be ready to assume the role of President as needed. It is assumed that the President-Elect will become President when the current President steps down.


The Treasurer shall:

  • keep accounts for The Society;
  • balance the check book, pay bills, reimburse members for approved expenses, purchase supplies;
  • and prepare in writing financial reports to be presented at the Executive Board meetings;
  • coordinate with the Membership Chair to maintain current information as to membership and member dues status;
  • prepare a list of current paid members, and their contact information to be used in the annual membership directory.


The Secretary shall:

  • keep the minutes of the meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board;
  • and provide a written report to be provided at the next Executive Board meeting.
  • a copy of this report will be furnished to the Webmaster to post online and to the Treasurer to file.


The Parliamentarian shall make sure that the monthly business meetings progress in a timely manner allowing ample time for the program and/or demonstration. Also participate in the Executive Board meetings and assist in running them properly according to "Roberts Rules of Order."


The Historian shall:

  • keep track of The Society's events and chronicle them in a scrapbook;
  • collect and organize clippings, photos and articles pertaining to The Society's meetings, events and members throughout the year;
  • coordinate with the Webmaster and share information for the website.

Program Chair:

The Program Chair shall coordinate speakers and activities for programs at the monthly meetings with input from the Executive Board. Once a schedule is set:

  • coordinate with the Webmaster and Membership Chair so that programs can be posted online and included in membership directory.
  • confirm the speaker's date one month in advance;
  • contact the speaker 2 weeks prior to the meeting to confirm arrival time and discuss any needed equipment;
  • arrange to meet the speaker before the meeting to assist with set up;
  • at the meeting, introduce the speaker, giving a brief bio and description of the program or demonstration they plan to give.
  • coordinate and arrange mini-workshops and write thank you notes to the speakers after their programs.

Exhibit Chair:

The Exhibit Chair shall:

  • locate possible exhibit sites, coordinate dates for these events and appoint committees for hanging and removing shows;
  • seek donations from vendors, art organizations, manufacturers and retailers to use as prizes for the annual competition;
  • organize and direct the annual exhibition and other shows as needed.

Hospitality Chair:

The Hospitality Chair shall coordinate volunteers to provide snacks at the regular meetings;

  • arrange tablecloths and food on the tables;
  • make the coffee;
  • ensure sufficient coffee supplies, plates, silverware and napkins are kept in stock;
  • replenish as needed and supply receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Workshop Chair:

The Workshop Chair shall:

  • confirm the date of the Annual Membership Exhibition and Competition with the Exhibition Chair;
  • organize a major workshop to coincide with Annual Membership Exhibition and Competition. The workshop instructor will also act as juror of the competition.
  • discuss fees potential workshop instructors charge and their anticipated expenses with the President, Treasurer and other pertinent Board members.
  • With Board approval, confirm workshop information with the instructor and present a written contract outlining the financial agreement. Since workshop arrangements need to be made a year in advance, Workshop Chair should contact the instructor periodically to be aware of any possible changes and to head off any potential scheduling conflicts.
  • arrange instructor's lodging if needed and arrange to meet the instructor early before the workshop to assist in setting up.
  • collect the instructor's expense receipts and furnish them to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
  • arrange for the instructor to view the exhibition and judge the competition before the artist reception.

Membership Chair:

The Membership Chair shall:

  • compile and maintain a roster of the current membership including dues status;
  • collect dues, report and turn in all monies to the Treasurer;
  • email membership information to prospective members;
  • furnish new members a letter of welcome and issue membership cards;
  • work with the Treasurer to manage publication of an annual membership directory.

lAPS Representative:

The IAPS Representative shall develop contact with International Association of Pastel Society officers and keep CTPS members informed of upcoming competitions, conventions and general lAPS activities.


The Webmaster shall:

  • update the CTPS website with upcoming events, programs, mini-workshops, exhibitions, challenges, annual workshop, winners of competitions, list of donors and member discounts, and any other appropriate news of interest to the membership;
  • keep website fees current and present the Treasurer with receipts for reimbursement of such fees;
  • maintain a CTPS online gallery page and a gallery on the lAPS website;
  • manage electronic payments for membership, workshops, etc. and report such transactions to the Treasurer;
  • train an understudy to assist with website management as needed.

Publicity Chair:

The Publicity Chair shall:

  • write news articles and press releases concerning CTPS events, exhibitions and meetings;
  • write follow-up article after winners are announced in the annual competition and furnish photos of the winners with their paintings;
  • post blurbs about CTPS events, exhibitions and meetings on appropriate free websites in the Central Texas area.
    • TV stations, newspapers and magazines offer community notice space on their websites;
  • keep the publicity mailing list up-to-date;
  • collect copies of all published articles, notices, etc. and furnish them to the Historian for inclusion in the scrapbook and to the Webmaster for CTPS news.

Newsletter Editor:

Should the Executive Board decide to provide the every-other-month newsletter, "Pastel Expressions", the Newsletter Editor and such assistants as he/she shall deem necessary shall:

  • collect and compile pastel/art related information of interest to the members (upcoming events, recently past events, competitions, photos, awards, articles etc) and format it into a newsletter form;
  • publish it electronically and e-mail it to all active members;
  • provide it to the Webmaster to post on the website.


The Librarian shall:

  • take possession of The Society's Video Library and bring it to each meeting;
  • find a substitute to perform this duty if unable to attend the meeting;
  • allow members to check out video's with a $50 deposit check (which will not be cashed unless the video is never returned);
  • keep track of videos checked out and prior to next meeting send a reminder to borrowers to return the video at the meeting.

Board Responsibilities

Central Texas Pastel Society