Central Texas Pastel Society

                                            2017 - 2018 Challenges


​September 2017 -  One thing

  • This challenge theme is about painting one object, person, item, or thing.

October 2017 -  Dance

  • The theme centers on dance, and can be an interpretation of any kind of dance.

November 2017 -  Cityscape, street scene

  • ​This theme brings a focus to urban cityscapes, street scenes, or architectural subjects.

January 2018 -  Through the eyes of love

  • ​The challenge here is to convey a loving attitude or act.

February 2018 - Some "thing/one/where" hot and cold

  • For this challenge you should paint something, someone, or somewhere (a location) that conveys a hot or cold temperature.

March 2018 - Moody, misty, mystery

  • Create a painting with a haunting mood that is mysterious, hazy, foggy, or misty.

April 2018 - Farmers Market

  • This theme allows you a wide latitude for the light, food, things, people found at a Farmers Market.

May 2018 - Wrong color, color barrier

  • ​This theme asks you to create a composition that employs an unexpected or ‘wrong’ color and/or a composition that uses color as a barrier to understanding, or color as symbol of isolation.

​Monthly challenge paintings

Each month for our regular meetings we set a challenge painting topic.

  • Those who wish to participate will paint something during the month on that topic.
  • At the monthly meeting, members who rose to the challenge will show their work and talk about how they did it, what techniques they tried, what materials they used and so on.

Participation is optional, but taking on the challenge is a wonderful way to grow your art and learn from the experience.

critique groups

A benefit of membership in CTPS is the opportunity to join one of our Critique Groups.

  • These small groups (6-8 members) meet independently from our monthly meetings.
  • The critique groups exist to help members improve their work.
  • Participants bring 2-3 paintings in progress to get the group input on how to improve them.
  • The groups are very gentle in their comments and members have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of fellow members in a small, non-threatening group.

Members interested in joining a Critique Group, please contact Alora Johns. She  will form new groups to accommodate the members wishing to participate.