Central Texas Pastel Society

Largely self-educated in art, I have read widely and taken many workshops. I have carried a sketch-book to many museums in the 60+ countries where I have worked or traveled. My paintings in pastel and oil have received multiple awards in juried competitions.

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IAPS Representative: Bob Douglass

I’ve always loved the act of creation. My goal as a pastel painter is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor living spaces.  I am drawn to the beauty of the American Southwest for her color and the tenacity of the plants and animals. Read more: https://annalisaleal.com

I always loved art, but never had formal training beyond occasional workshops. I started painting to relieve stress in my busy work life. Now I paint for the joy of it. Painting is a constant challenge, which makes it interesting and fun. Every painting teaches me something more about how to paint.

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Art has been the driving force of my life since I was a child.  I began my formal training at the University of Kentucky where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. A short while later I moved to Austin, Texas, where I began pursuing art as a full-time profession. 

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Treasurer: Nancy Manoogian

Our fiscal year is from September through August. Member meetings are not held during the summer months.

Pastels are my second art love, after Chinese Brush Painting. I enjoy this medium because of the wonderful colors. Transforming my travel memories into lasting works of art gives me great pleasure.

Webmaster: Cecile C. Ramirez

In appreciation for the time and effort our Board members provide to CTPS, we wish to provide a few details about art in their lives. Please contact the Webmaster to provide these details.

President-Elect: coming soon

Program Chair & Librarian: Jane Frederick

Membership Chair: Ann Garrard

Exhibit Co-Chair: Anna Lisa Leal

Secretary: Nancy Ohlenbusch

Always creative, Nancy traded her business life for pastel painting following a summer workshop in 1997. Her love for pastels lead her to organize and co-found Central Texas Pastel Society. Fused glass became another favorite medium. She combines her love for color, along with classic and simple designs.

From my early school years in Germany, I was drawn to art. Stationed in the Azores, I took art lessons from retired Portuguese Professor of Art, Dr. Dias, whose guidance I still apply to my art.  A few years later, I enrolled in art lessons at the University of New Hampshire, studying Fine Art & Photography.  Finally, the medium of pastel 'got a hold of me' and the rest is history. I balance my art medium between pastels and Chinese ink brush, receiving awards in both art forms. Read more: http://sigi.us

Exhibit Co-Chair: Sue Kernan

Hospitality Chair: Bep Markese

I have always loved to look at paintings and photographs.  They have fascinated me all my life. One of my goals after I retired was to paint and take photos. I have been working on both ever since. I continue to learn something every day!

My love of art started early. I cannot remember a time when art was not important in my life. Pastels were introduced to me in middle school and it has been a love story ever since then. I paint the people, places and things I love and those scenes that catch my imagination. 

Publicity Chair: Sigi Field

Parliamentarian: Alora Johns

Workshop Chair: Jeri Salter

Art has always been a part of my life in some form or other. I worked for many years as a fiber-artist. About 10 years ago, I took a class in pastel painting and have worked with pastels ever since. I enjoy the CTPS workshops and meetings, and being with other pastel artists.

I am a landscape painter. I suspect I will always find that to be my center, despite whatever stray tangents present themselves. I am especially drawn to the vast beauty of open spaces, big skies and rolling plains across western landscapes, particularly Texas. Read more: https://jerisalter.com

Sketching animals and people was a favorite activity in my teenage years, and now pastel painting is my passion. Through my paintings, I hope to convey the emotional response I get in relation to the animals and the essence of whoever or whatever is my subject. 

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​President: Jan Frazier

2017 - 2018 board of directors