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Critique Groups

Join one today! 

Receive constructive insights about your pastel pieces (along with a lot of praise) and enhance your familiarity with other members. Critiques are given in a gentle manner, identifying areas for improvement that we might overlook!

In a recent article on well-known pastel artist, Jacob Aguiar, the artist revealed what we all tend to know - we are our own harshest critics. That "inner criticism" can cripple one's creativity. Aguiar sought to elevate his pastel "tool set" by seeking advice from other artists through a combination of emulation, praise, and critique.

The Critique Group format is as follows:

  • Bring 2-3 works - they can be completely finished or in some state of completion.
  • Generally, praise for the work is interspersed with ideas for improvement. 
  • Conversation will ensue around other art-related topics which can be as beneficial as the critiques!

 If you have interest in joining a critique group, email Karen Pickels  at this email address: