CTPS Video Library

Check out a video and build your skills!  CTPS is delighted to provide members with a Video Library from which to gain more instruction on painting with pastels.

Videos can be checked out for one month at every monthly meeting. You will need a check or credit card to make a deposit of $50.00 (which is not cashed unless the video is never returned.)  Contact CTPS Librarian for more info.

Below is our current list. 


  • Doug Dawson: Plein Air Pastel Painting
  • M. Katherine Hurley: Vivid Color Landscapes
  • Michael Chesley Johnson: The Secret to Pastel Painting En Plein Air
  • Richard McKinley: Bold Underpainting for Lively Pastel Landscapes
  • Jane Mcgraw-Tuebner: En Plein Air: Pastel Landscape Painting
  • Liz Haywood Sullivan: Landscape Painting in Pastel
  • Liz Haywood Sullivan: Landscape Painting in Pastel – Surface and Color Texture
  • Liz Haywood Sullivan: Painting Realistic Landscapes in Pastel
  • Liz Haywood Sullivan: Painting Realistic Landscapes in Pastel – Water & Reflections
  • Ann Templeton: Abstracting the Landscape in Pastel


  • Wendy Caporal: Children’s Pastel Portrait
  • Margaret Dyer: The Figure in Pastels
  • Alain Picard: Painting the Figure in Pastel

Pastel Technique 

  • Marla Bagetta: Loosen Up Intensive Volume 1
  • Marla Bagetta: Loosen Up Intensive Volume 2
  • Richard McKinley: Three Stages of Successful Pastels
  • Alain Picard: Essential Techniques for Pastel Portraits
  • Bob Rohm: The Painterly Approach in Pastel

Drawing Technique 

  • Scott Burdick: Techniques for Figure & Portrait Drawing
  • Dan Thompson: Figure Drawing II: The Gesture
  • Chris Wynter: Dynamic Charcoal Drawing Lessons