President: Holly Read
I began an interest in artistic expression while frequently visiting my grandmother, a 5th grade art teacher. Her talent still impresses me; she created many oil paintings. My mother was also an excellent artist. I have turned to artwork often as a form of meditation. I enjoy creating work that reflects God’s beauty in the world. It is my hope that I can inspire others to pursue their form of artistic expression as meditation and a positive way to express their inner beauty.

Secretary: Sandra Slaughter
I was always very conscious of the beauty in nature. In El Paso, where I spent my first 70+ years, the mountains and sky were a daily wonder. In middle school, I took some private art lessons and worked in charcoal and oils. Then I got busy with life and left art behind. About 4 years ago I connected with a pastel teacher and began taking weekly classes. I immediately fell in love with the medium and was thrilled to find CTPS when I moved to Georgetown.

Treasurer and Parliamentarian: Alora Johns
My love of art started early. I cannot remember a time when art was not important in my life. Pastels were introduced to me in middle school and it has been a love story ever since then. I paint the people, places and things I love and those scenes that catch my imagination.

Program Chair, Workshop Chair, IAPS Representative: Jan Frazier
Art has been the driving force of my life since I was a child. I began my formal training at the University of Kentucky where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. A short while later I moved to Austin, Texas, where I began pursuing art as a full-time profession. Read more:


Membership Chair: Ann Garrard
Pastels are my second art love, after Chinese Brush Painting. I enjoy this medium because of the wonderful colors. Transforming my travel memories into lasting works of art gives me great pleasure.



Publicity Chair: Sigi Field
From my early school years in Germany, I was drawn to art. Stationed in the Azores, I took art lessons from retired Portuguese Professor of Art, Dr. Dias, whose guidance I still apply to my art. A few years later, I enrolled in art lessons at the University of New Hampshire, studying Fine Art & Photography. Finally, the medium of pastel ‘got a hold of me’ and the rest is history. I balance my art medium between pastels and Chinese ink brush, receiving awards in both art forms. Read more:

Exhibition Chair: Sue Kernan
I have had a colorful life brought into full expression with pastel art.

Hospitality Chair: Debby Been



Director At-Large: Nancy Manoogian
Always creative, I traded my business life for pastel painting following a summer workshop in 1997. My love for pastels led me to organize and co-found Central Texas Pastel Society, as a successful art club. Fused glass became another favorite medium. I combine my love for color, along with classic and simple designs.


Webmaster: Esther Jones
I came to pastels through my hobby of stargazng. The search fro a way to share what I saw through my telescope led me to oercome the belief that I could never be an artist and find ways to teach myself how to paint. Now I paint to expand my knowledge of the world an worship my Creator. I delight in sharing his gift of art with others. When I'm not painting, I'm teaching music to elementary and private students.

Who Is Who

CTPS has 15 Board positions. Board positions are elected for one term, by member vote at the April Membership Meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor prior to the vote, by the membership. The newly elected officers will assume their role in September.